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Experience our innovative solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction in your region. Our experienced drivers and temperature controlled trucks guarantee reliable and timely delivery in your area with the same comprehensive service. Expect our knowledgeable staff to help develop a region specific sales plan.

“Service is our strength. We look for every opportunity for improvements and added value for our customers and partners.” With locations across the country we are able to examine and tap into regional trends. Through our sales data and expert employees, we confidently stock your business with sell-out snacks for your region. See why so many other companies choose Vistar as their one stop snack food distributor. 

Vistar Florida

Distribution Center

1700 Avenue B
Kissimmee, FL, 34758-2015
(407) 738-4275


Toll Free: (800) 458-8308 Fax: (407) 738-4040 Order Desk Fax: (888) 891-3440

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday Customer Service: 8am – 5pm Friday Customer Service: 8am – 4:30pm

Vistar Florida Team

Todd Mungovan
General Manager
(407) 738-4275 x3167

Audrey Jefferson
Merchandising Manager
(407) 738-4275 x3168

George Bunker
Sales and Marketing Manager
(407) 738-4275 x3145

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